Friday, June 1, 2007


I have added some photos from Everest to my website (
To see them, click on the Everest page, and then on the Everest Photo Gallery.


Val Waldeck said...

Love your picture. Makes me feeling like climbing Mt. Everest.

Val Waldeck - reaching our generation one book at a time

prabesh shrestha said...

hi whoever u r,
I am from nepal.u people come to nepal and climb everest and other peaks but we nepalese are so lazy we don't even visit the base camp.This is unfortunate for us.
Anyways I feel happy when anyone(even the foreigners) climb these mountains and get the feeling of being on the top of the world.

best of luck for ur other adventures

clare said...

Wow... I am so impressed by the pictures! ^_^

otakuism said...

wow mt. everest!O_o you must be very athletic! they say the higher you get the harder it is to breathe. was it hard to breathe up there? and the pics are amazing! you're very lucky.

Anonymous said...

Hey there! Congrats on your achievement! I was just wondering if you had to train hard before the summit experience. I am training someone here for the 3 Peaks Challenge in the UK and was curious how fit one has to be for these outward bounds!

Electrofreak said...

great photos

Mysterious Friend said...

Such great photos

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say that I think it's awesome that you managed to reach your goals by climbing those mountains!

ShellyW said...

Beautiful photos. You are an inspiration! I have always been fasinated with Mt. Everest and love to read about the people who have experienced climbing it. God Bless you.

R2K said...

: )

patti flynn said...

congratulations on an incredible achievement!
your photos are just wonderful.

Suneetinder Singh Walia said...

suuuper photos . . . everest is a cool place.

gledwod said...

Well done! How on earth did you get to post blogging posts from the top of everest like that? Do mobile phones work up there? I'm fascinatedd to know all this - please tell!!

benoit said...

Hi Samantha,

Since I learned you summited I have visited many sites related to Himalaya and seen many pictures of people summiting 8000ers. What amazed me is that in your summit pics you look almost as fresh as if you had just completed a warm up jog on the beach! You have put aside your oxygen mask, removed your (at least one) gloves and smile broadly. I suppose the conditions must have been ideal and one can say you're one lucky Gal! Congratulations on your achievement and thank you for the inspiration.

Best wishes.


Everest said...

I love your pictures...I was named after this beauty.

Veerasundar said...

Wow.. good luck for your adventures. :)

KWall said...

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We look forward to hearing from you. Your story is so impressive and inspirational, and we are excited to have the opportunity to work on a book featuring you.

Please email those hi-res photos to

Thank you very much.

Geologychick said...

You and your dad are an inspiration! I am so happy to see that kids can still hang out and do stuff with their parents! Outstanding achievement!! Congrats!

Joey Steger said...

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Matthias said...

Hey Samantha....

well, you dont know me and i dont know you, but.... today i read a
short article about you in a german magazine called 4seasons. (you are
on the magazin's cover, btw)
and yeah... i was pretty amazed when i read you climed the 7 summits,
cause you're at the same age as i am and i also love to be outside.
really, amazing, even it's one year ago!
ok well anyway, that article made me kinda curious about you and i
checked your website. it seems a lil bit out of date, though and the
most parts are offline. (incl those everest pics i wanted to view).
so, i dont know if you will read this actually.... if so, would be
great if you could reply. thank you!

greets from Germany

(sry if you dont get everything i wrote, because of my english)

coturnix said...


The registration for ScienceOnline09 (formerly known as the 3rd Science Blogging Conference) is now open:

I was thinking it would be cool to have a session about Blogging From Crazy Places.

You and a few others who blogged from strange places could each take turns explain what you did and why you blogged it; what were the technical challenges (and how you solved them); what was the readers' response, what did you get out of it: Fame and Fortune, personal satisfaction, a new circle of friends and colleagues, a job offer or promotion, a book or movie deal? Let us know.


dil said...

Hey Samantha, I was amazed by the courage you have... I wish I was there with you when you climbed Everest...thats just how i feel...I'm making a list of things to do the rest of my life... and im hoping to do stuff like sky diving and a lot of traveling....and Climbing Mount Everest?...I thought about it..but..I felt like Its a one way coming back...haha..and then I remembered about this young brave girl who climbed it....and amazed the world ...yes..YOU....and I lost my fears.....Im gonna climb the mountain...for are the best Samantha...keep going....I really love strong girls like you.....I wish I'd get to see you in some summit...In some country...some day..... yeah... I just hope..... take care girl.... wish you luck.... lots of love from me....

roeryda said...

Hey Samantha,

As another college student who is interested in both photography and mountain climbing the fact that you have already reached the seven summits is inspiring. I'm also a little jealous because you have accomplished something that will probably take me more than a decade. Anyway, I started my own blog ( in hopes that one day I can ascend Everest. Thanks for the posts

mit523 said...

i just read about you in Outside magazine! freaking awesome, keep climbing

Anonymous said...

Fantastic blog, I hadn't noticed before in my searches!
Carry on the wonderful work!

Anonymous said...

Dear Samantha,

we have been learning about you in class and i think you are a great person!!! You have alot of courage to achieve the goal of climbing the 7 summits!!! you should never back down from climbing!!! STICK WITH IT!!!

Hope your adventures go well!!!

Anonymous said...


I have a message for the webmaster/admin here at

Can I use part of the information from your blog post above if I give a backlink back to this website?


positive affirmation said...

so stunning..,

Harper Cosper said...

It's really nice to save some photos! Pictures help us cherish special moments and share them to others. The photos can be an inspiration for many aspiring mountain climbers! Mt. Everest is probably one in their list. ;)