Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Getting Ready for Big Sur

My dad and I are getting ready to run the Big Sur marathon on May 1! This will be my second marathon, but my first big road one (I ran a trail marathon in the Golden Gate headlands last year, with about 30 other runners). My dad, on the other hand, is a marathon veteran. While I was already to the point of tapering down my mileage, after peaking with a 20-mile run a couple of weeks ago, he ran the Boston Marathon yesterday. He finished in 3:32:17. Congrats!

It feels strange that I won’t run more than eight miles before then, in order to give my body a chance to fully recover from the long runs I’ve already put it through. It’s a gorgeous route, although unfortunately a big portion of it has changed due to a collapse in part of highway one after our big rain. It’s now an out-and-back race, rather than a straight shot from start to finish. Still, the route hugs the coast the whole way, moving us along rolling hills. I’m excited for it!


David said...

it will be a great run
the most beautiful marathon course in the universe

Sonia said...

u guys are a real inspiration and u r really pretty samantha

Samantha Larson said...

Thanks, Sonia : )