Sunday, May 22, 2011

Castle Rock

I’ve handed in my senior thesis and there’s just a week and a half left of classes before finals period. Time feels to be going too fast. I’m excited for the summer (and for sweet climbing plans, details to come), but I’m going to try to savor these next few weeks as best I can.

To me, bouldering is really about savoring the good stuff. Topping out on a boulder problem feels good, but it’s not exactly on the same level as reaching a summit after weeks of masochism. Bouldering is about working particular hard moves and savoring the movements of climbing; it’s a little bit less about the goal than about the process.

On Saturday the Matts and I took a daytrip to our local classic bouldering scene, Castle Rock. Some of the formations here seem too good to be true—the honeycomb pockets in the sandstone, formed when water seeps through and dissolves mineral grains, make for perfect climbing holds. We went to a less-visited area that we hadn’t explored before—the Klinghoffer boulders. Here Matt I topped out on “Right Hand Man” (V7) while Matt II and I worked on the awesome "Klinghoffer Traverse" (V5).

A fun afternoon, it set the perfect pace of how I’d like to experience the rest of the quarter.

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