Thursday, April 19, 2007


The day before yesterday we all made it up to camp one to spend the night. This time we were able to get through the Khumbu Icefall an hour quicker than the last. We had a pretty good night at camp one; my dad and I both had a bit of a headache at first, but we were both able to eat and sleep well.
Camp one is at the start of the Western Cwm. Yesterday, from camp one we continued up the Cwm to camp two. The cwm is infamous for being very uncomfortably hot, but yesterday it was actually really nice. It was very beautiful, and we could see the summit of Everest, which we haven’t been able to see since before we got to base camp. After we tagged camp two we came all the way back down to base camp. It was a long day, and we all returned pretty tired. However, it was nice to be back in base camp, and after dinner we watched Mission Impossible III on Ben’s laptop (from the London Business School team). Unfortunately the power ran out about half way through, but I have been asked to charge up my laptop so we can finish tonight.
Today was the Puja, which is a ceremony that the Sherpas organize. A Lama comes up and performs many chants to ask the mountain gods for permission to climb the mountain, and to ask for protection. I had my ice ax and my crampons blessed in the ceremony. As part of the ceremony, they also put out long lines of prayer flags coming out from the stupa where the ceremony was preformed. Afterwards, they passed out lots of yummy treats.
While we were up at camp one, the shower tent was set up here at base camp. It’s just a little bucket of water with a hose attached to it, but definitly 15 minutes of heaven.


barbsmd said...

Tom and I are reading your entries with vicarious pleasure and excitement. Your adventure is nearly visible through your words even without pictures! Glad to hear that you are making progress and 'in the moment'.
with love to you and your dad,
Barb Schwartz and Tom Moore

Terry Moore said...

Touched Camp 2 already! -- Wow pretty impressive! -- hope the mountain gods were paying attention --- good to have them on board -- was wondering about the shower - could the bucket water really have been hot? -- love to you both from us both --- Terry

cragmoor said...

Sam and Dave; wasn't that a great singing duo from the 50's/60's ? The Stuart/Rhode Island boosters are listening extra hard for any songs that might drift this way from the highest point on earth and wishing you a great ascent. Hopefully some pictures will appear around july 4th.
xox S+C

Sarah said...

Am on the edge of my seat, heart in my throat waiting for the next installment. All love. xxxo S w/C

AM I A HINDU? said...

Today was the Puja, which is a ceremony that the Sherpas organize

I thought Shermas are Buddhists and they don't do Puja like Hindus.

I learnt a lot from your travel diaries.