Friday, April 6, 2007


Yesterday we took an acclimatazation hike out of Namche, with a bit of bouldering thrown in as well. We are now on the way to Pengboche, where we will stay the night. We have just taken a lunch break here in Tengboche and visited a very beautiful Buddhist monastary. This is possibly the last internet access I will have till we reach base camp.


Terry Moore said...

Everest looked beckoning, tempting even -- with a wisp of cirrus like a filament of hair half-round its neck! best of luck with the weather -- love to you both --- Terry

Theresa Okamoto said...

Hello, my name is Theresa Okamoto. I work with your dad. We are all really excited for the two of you to make the summit. I told my son about your adventure and he was very excited about it. I showed him your web site. Your dad told us about your site on the 30th. So we're trying to keep up with your awesome trek! Good luck and my prayers are with you and your team for good weather and safety during your trip.

Theresa Okamoto

Tom Moore said...

Hi Samantha - Tom Moore here, a friend of your Dad's and husband of a doc-friend of his, Barbara Schwartz. Your last entry about being in Namche brought back memories of a trek I took in 1991 (or maybe in 1992) where we went through there and saw and amazing sunrise looking out upon your final destination, Everest. A very powerful place. We're thinking about you guys and look forward to hearing more as you keep on trucking up the hill!

Alex said...

Oh Sam, I'm so glad to hear you're finally doing it!

Berkeley seems like such a small challenge now compared to what you're about to do. Best of luck and I hope you can take it all in when you reach the top!

Janet said...

Dear Sam and Dad

We really miss you!

On Easter Monday I climbed two summits near Big Bear. The next day I climbed one more. Although they were not as high as Everest, they were steep!

I love you!


bob said...

Hi Samantha, my name is Bob Karm and we are old neighbors and friends of your Dad. We have been reading about the great adventures you have undertaken with our 3 girls and and are following with great interest and excitment. We wish you good weather and a safe and successful journey. Say hello to Barb and Tom for us.