Friday, May 11, 2007

Base Camp

We're still at base camp. Hopfully we'll be able to go up soon though.

We’ve tried to hold on to our fitness these past few days by doing some sort of activity each day. We’ve been ice climbing in a really neat cave near base camp, and we’ve also been on hikes up Pumori to Pumori base camp, and then up to camp one. Pumori is a 7145-meter mountain near Everest.


barbsmd said...

We are thrilled and awed and waiting with breath held to hear of your once-in-a-lifetime climb. We hold you and your dad in our hearts and send thoughts of courage and perseverance. Bravo!
with love,
Barb and Tom

Kai said...

Hey Sam, What a neat adventure and talk about a thrill of a lifetime. Holding my breath that you get up the steps ok, along the tight ridge and to the summit. Getting down is a whole other journey, but to sit for 25 minutes on the top of the world.. yeah, you're going to make it!! and love it..
Peace, Kai

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