Saturday, May 12, 2007

Still at Base Camp

It looks like we're going to be able to go up soon for our summit attempt. Fingers crossed!

We've gotten our oxygen masks and tested them out. I was able to get my oxygen saturation back up to 100% this morning! After I turned off the oxygen, I only had a few seconds of being at pseudo sea-level before it went back down, though.

We're all getting a little restless hanging around base camp. We've played many games of "Quiddler".


Terry Moore said...

I think of patience as a difficult virtue -- still you're supposed to have more of it than David! --- true or false? -- Quiddler's a new one to me - some day will you explain it to me? --- hope you're on the move up by now -- best from us to you both -- love Terry

jackaloupe said...

Goooood Joooob!!!

Amanda Nussbaum said... have accomplished a lot. I go to wilson high school and I hope one day I can do something incredible.

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