Monday, May 14, 2007

Camp 2

We finally started our summit push yesterday, making our way from base camp to camp two. We don't have internet access up here, but we were able to relay this information to our correspondents in New York via sattelite phone. We're taking a rest day today, and plan to press on tomorrow. If all goes well, we should summit on the 17th.


Daniel Moore said...

Dear Samantha and David

We can't believe you are nearly at the top now. We all be thinking of you for the final push tomorrow!

Good luck!!!

lots and lots of love
Jackie, Daniel, Joshua and Tabitha

william pearce said...

hey sam. its will. my mom linked me to this website today. its been fun reading about your adventures. i hope you make it to the summit and everything goes well. is there any chance you're going to be on tv after this? alright ill let you get back to climbing mt everest. see you later.

Julie said...

Dear Sam and David,

We are waiting the good word that you have made the summit of Sagarmatha!! We will all breathe a sigh of relief once you get back to BC. Our best wishes are with you!!

Julie & Gopal

DHughes said...

Hi Samantha,
Just wanted you to know we are reading your blog with great anticipation. Wishing you the BEST and sending you prayers and love,
Ms. Hughes and Mr. Carlson (Debbie and Joe)

Che said...


R2K said...

Great idea for a blog, thanks!

Frankrike said...

It is really crazy! Good luck from Frankrike.

M√ľnchen said...

Oh my! Good luck!